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701A-PG Saw Package Deals Include:
One powerhead, one guide bar, TWO Chains
Ductile Iron Cutting
PowerGRIT lets you cut ductile iron pipes safer, faster, easier. Cutting from one side means Less excavation & faster results
ICS 701A Ductile Iron Trench Cutting
ICS 680ES Ductile Iron 10 Inch Package
701A-PG 15"
Saw Package
(1) PowerHead, (1) Guide Bar,
(2) PowerGrit 15" Chains, Free Ground Freight
ICS 680ES Ductile Iron 10 Inch Package
701A-PG 20"
Saw Package
(1) PowerHead, (1) Guide Bar,
(2) PowerGrit 20" Chains, Free Ground Freight
Continental US Freight Time Estimate
Estimated Travel time for Concrete Chainsaw delivery
Saw Model
The 701A Power Head is used with
both ProFORCE (F4) &
PowerGRIT (PG) cutting systems..
Drive Sprocket
Guide Bar
Compatibility with other versions of the 701A Saws.
Recommended for Pro Cutters. Primary Benefit: Professional grade faster cutting and longer lasting chains.
Recommended for Utility Work: Primary Benefit - Faster, Easier, and Safer cutting of Ductile Iron Pipes in ground.
WEIGHT 29 lbs without bar and chain
BAR LENGTH Up to 20 in
Operating SPEED 5700 rpm
124 cfm
POWERHEAD DIMENSIONS 20 inches (45 cm) Length
10.5 inches (29 cm) Height
12 inches (25 cm) Width
WATER SUPPLY Minimum 20 psi, 1gpm
701A Pneumatic-Powered Chain Saw.
701A Pneumatic ChainsawBuilt tough to stand up to everyday use in the harsh environment of concrete and utility pipe cutting. The unique versatility of a chain saw includes the ability to make deep plunge cuts, perfect corners, a single cut from one side and an endless variety of irregular shapes. Cut with ease, speed and portability through Reinforced Concrete, Brick, Block, Concrete Pipe, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Natural Stone and more. The ICS powerful pneumatic saw is designed to cut through walls, floors, pipe and columns in a single pass..
Benefits and features of the 701A Pneumatic Saws:
  • Designed for the demanding requirements of professional sawing and drilling contractors
  • Operates both ProFORCE™ and PowerGrit® chain
  • Can be powered with commonly available power sources
  • Can plunge cut up to 20"
  • Reliable and easy to maintain High torque output for tough cutting jobs
  • No gas or engine fumes, ideal for confined spaces and indoor use
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With both companies located in Portland Oregon, CESSCO Inc. has been a vital partner with ICS in developing and expanding the market for Concrete Chainsaws. Work with the experts at CESSCO Inc. to get the most from your investment.

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