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Multiquip Flex-Shaft Vibrator Systems
Electric vibrator with a
1Hp, 2Hp, 3Hp Motors

Shown with vibrator head and flexible shaft - sold separately.

Shafts up to 21 feet, and various Vibrator head sizes

BP25H Backpack Vibrator
Vibrator Motors
Starting at: $459.95
Vibrator Shafts
Starting at: $131.00
Vibrator Heads
Starting at: $236.00
Multiquip High-Cycle Vibrator Systems
High-Cycle Vibrator Heads:
2" & 2-3/8" Heads

High-Cycle Vibrator Shafts:
13.1' & 20' Shafts
BP25H Backpack Vibrator
High-Cycle Vibrators
Starting at:
Multiquip MICON High-Cycle Vibrator Systems

BP25H Backpack Vibrator
High-Cycle Controllers
Starting at: $1,319.95
High-Cycle Shafts/Heads
Starting at:$1,499.95
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