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Install an Air Conditioner in as Concrete Wall.

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ICS 695XL vs Ringsaw

ICS Method - 15 minutes
    1.  Score the entire cut, Plunging the bar 1"
    (2.5cm) into the concrete
(3 Minutes)
    2. Plunge the saw all the way into the cut,
    starting on the bottom first. Use the same
    technique to finish the remaining three
    sides, ending with the top.
(12 Minutes)
    . The AC Unit is installed with less than
    1/4" gap on all sides., with perfectly square
    corners, a clean finish, and no chance for
IMPORTANT - concrete weighs as much as 150
lbs per cubic foot. Pay attention when removing
cores larger than 1' square in diameter. When
working from elevated location, it may be
necessary to strap core when cutting to avoid
losing core prematurely.
Ring Saw Method - 20 minutes*
(*not including required finish work)
1. Score the cut the entire opening (note that
dust is created until the blade is more than 4
inches into the cut on horizontal cuts)
(3 Minutes)
2. Step cut the bottom
(3 Minutes)
3. Next, step cut the sides
(8 Minutes)
4. Finally, step cut the top
(4 Minutes)
5. The final opening shows the overcuts that
are required when using a ring saw to create
openings of less than 14".
How to Guide Versus other methods