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Create an Egress window without muss or fuss.

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how to cut a concrete pipe tap cutting an egress window in concrete cutting cinder blocks with your ICS saw concrete sidewalk cutting with ICS hydraulic saw heavy duty concrete cutting with rebar ICS saws cut deeper than cut-off saws
score the concrete with the tip of your ICS saw
1. Layout and score cut the entire
opening to 1 inch.
(6 minutes)
cut the bottom of the window first
2. Cut the bottom first to avoid
pinching the bar in the cut. Plunge saw
into cut and cut to the corners on each
(12 minutes)
insert wedges and cut the top of the window
3. Use wedges on the bottom of the cut
to keep the core in place and avoid
crack while cutting the top.
(12 minutes)
only 30 minutes to install a window with your ics concrete cutting chainsaw
Total elapsed time:.
(30 minutes)
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