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Cut a Pipe Tap quickly and minimize overcut.

Information to help you get the most of your
ICS Investment. Cut Further, faster, and smarter.

ICS Method - 15 minutes
    1. Carefully score cut all 8
(3 Minutes)
2. Plunge straight into all 8
sides in a stitching method
working from the center to
both ends of each cut.
(12 Minutes)
    3. The result:  A pipe tap
    with less than one inch gap
    installed, no over-cutting or
    cracking from percussive
Note: Proper attention to
layout and keeping the bar
perpendicular to the pipe are
important for tight joints.
Cut-Off Saw & Chipping
Hammer method Method -
49 minutes
1. Score a square cut on the first 4 sides of
the layout.
(3 Minutes)
2. Score a second square cut offset by 45
(3 Minutes)
3. Chip out the concrete inside the layout,
exposing the steel reinforcement.
(10 Minutes)
4. Cut out the exposed steel with a cut-off saw
(6 minutes)
Chip out the remaining concrete in opening
for proper pipe fit
(7 minutes)
6. Install the pipe in the opening and patch
the over-cuts.
(20 minutes)
How to Guide Versus other methods