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Pool Skimmer Installation

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ICS Method - 27 minutes
    1. Score cut the opening, including the
    mitered sides.
(3 Minutes)
2. Plunge cut all sides of the opening,
starting with the bottom cut.
(10 Minutes)
    3. Carefully finish corners starting in the
    center and working to the edge.
(14 minutes)
The result a mitered opening with little or no
patching required.
Stitching Hammer Method -
150 minutes
1. Score cut the opening with a skill saw and
grinder with diamond blades.
(8 Minutes)
2. Hammer drill the mitered corners.
(8 Minutes)
3. Stitch drill the opening
(90 Minutes)
4. Chip the edges of the opening.
(14 minutes)
5. Continue chipping the opening with
hammer drill
(10 minutes)
6. Clean out the opening to fit the skimmer
(20 minutes)
7. Grind all surfaces smooth to finish.
Note: It is difficult to maintain accurate
opening dimensions when using percussive
techniques and patching may be required.
How to Guide Versus other methods