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Guide Bars Guidance
for ICS Chainsaws
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Why is the overall length of my guidebar different
from the descriptive length of my guide bar?
Overall Length
A guide bar that is called a 12" bar on one saw may have a different overall length from a guide bar on a different saw. This is because the drive sprocket on different powerheads are positioned at different distances from front of the saws.
Descriptive (Called) Length
ICS Describes their guide bars by how deep the saw is able to cut into a concrete wall. A 12" guide bar cuts 12" into a concrete wall. The saw is able to cut 12" because the bar extends 12" out from the saw powerhead. That is why these two lengths are different.
It is best to use the overall length when your not sure of which guide bar to buy. The overall length will always remain a constant.
However, as your chain stretches during normal use, you'll use the chain tensioner to extend the guide bar, and it is therefore a less reliable measurement.
Guide Bar Tips
  • Turn your guide bar over, when replacing your diamond chain. This will distribute the wear on the bar more evenly and allow for better control when cutting concrete.
  • Replace the guidebar & rim sprocket every 2-4 chains on gas saws, about every 8 chains on hydraulic saws..
  • Take advantage of the CESSCO "Combo Packs" when buying your diamond chains. - Buy two chains and get the guide bar free.
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