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Frequently Asked Questions
Can a diamond chain cut rebar?
Yes. Number 4 or 5 (12mm to 15mm) bar is not a problem. Anything over number 8 (25mm) is difficult.
Warning: Rebar or steel MUST be surrounded by concrete or aggregate material.
Ductile Iron
Can a concrete cutting chainsaw cut Ductile Iron Pipe?
New ICS PowerGrit Saws Can!
Not all ICS Concrete Chainsaws can use PowerGrit series diamond chains
Chain Life
How long will a diamond chain last?
This depends on the material being cut, chain type, experience of the operator and how much rebar is present. For example, diamond chain on gas saws will typically cut 40 to 80 linear feet in 6-inch (15 cm) concrete. On hydraulic saws, this range is most often doubled.
Guide Bar Life
How long does a guide bar last?
Normally two or three chains when cutting concrete, brick, natural
stone. However, heavy rebar can shorten bar life.  One to two chains when cutting ductile iron, PVC etc. with PowerGRIT chains.
Can a hydraulic concrete cutting chainsaw be run off a skidloader or backhoe?
Yes, and any other hydraulic power source that puts out 8 or 12 gpm and 2500 psi (30 liters and 172 bar). However, a flow adapter may be required since some equipment operates with higher flow rates.
Can a concrete cutting chainsaw cut dry?
It is strictly a wet cut system. 20 psi minimum is recommended.
Kick Back
Is "kickback" a safety problem?
No. Wood cutting chain has sharp hooked teeth that can grab the wood causing kickback. Diamond chain grinds through concrete with very small teeth (diamonds) without hooks. The preferred method of starting a cut is to plunge straight into the wall. There is no kickback.
How fast will a concrete cutting chainsaw cut?
This also depends on the material being cut, chain type, experience of the operator and how much rebar is present. Gas saws will typically saw 1 foot x 6 inches deep in 2 minutes. Hydraulic saws are faster.
When does the chain need tightening?
What is the WallWalker®?
The Wallwalker® is a lever system that develops a four-to-one mechanical advantage and turns inward force to downward force. The Wallwalker® makes it easier to cut with the saw.
Can I buy a diamond chain and put it on my wood-cutting chainsaw?
No, a wood-cutting chainsaw does not have a hollow bar water delivery system, modified air filtration or sealing and may be damaged due to concrete particles.
What is the ICS products warranty?