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Forward Vibratory plates are low amplitude and high frequency, designed to compact granular soils and asphalt.
Reversible plates in addition to the standard features, reversible plates allow smooth transition from forward to reverse making them ideal for semi-cohesive soil.
Rammers deliver a high impact force (high amplitude) making them an excellent choice for cohesive and semi-cohesive soils.
Concrete Equipment
Select for a wide assortment of "Hand-Held" motors, or find a motor for your existing Core Drill Rig. Let CESSCO help you find the best motor for your job.
Core drill rigs are required for accurate core drilling, and essential for larger core bit sizes (recommended for any core bits over 3" in diameter).
Select from anchor rigs and vacuum rigs.
CESSCO Inc. stocks a large selection of Cutter's Choice Core Bits up to 12" in diameter. Use the "right-side navigation" on any core bit page for a full selection of diamond core bits and recommended motor speeds.
Concrete Chainsaws provide deep cutting depth and perfect square cut corners without "over-cut" - The perfect finishing tool for egress windows and small openings.
Cut up to 16" with gas & 25" with hydraulic.
Hand Held PowerCutters - also called Cut-Off Saws are inexpensive to operate and allow cuts up to about 6" Depth.
Hand Held Cut-N-Break Saws provide up to 16" in cutting depth. Cut a few inches, break out the middle and cut some more.
Hand Held Ring Saws provide up to 10" in cutting depth. Experienced Cutters can effectively use these saws in place of more expensive methods..
Hand Held Rescue Saws are specially designed for rescue and clearing work.
Includes many features that enhance safety and control for maximum freedom of movement.
Hand Held Rail Saws include a special attachment allowing accurate rail cutting.
From Walk Behind Push Saws, to Self-Propelled and Rider Saws, CESSCO Inc. can help you find the best equipment for your jobsite.
Husqvarna Soff-Cut Early Entry Slab Saws
provide an effective method of cutting green concrete. Options include decorative cutting methods.
Reduce labor and increase profit with effective Rebar Equipment.
Choose from towable or portable mixers with either steel drums or polyethylene drums. Mortar Mixers also available.
Multiquip's Mayco Pumps are the premier name in concrete pumping and the industry standard for more than 40 years.
Flex-Shaft Vibrators, Hand-Held Vibrators, High-Cycle Vibrators, and new Micon High-Cycle Vibrators.
Celebrating 75 years of Multiquip-Whiteman brand Walk-Behind Trowels. Whiteman Trowels were first on the market and continue to lead in quality, reliability and innovation.
Ideal screeds for large projects. Contractors can strike off areas of up to 65 feet wide.
Remove traffic lines, available as walk behind or self propelled. Concrete and coatings removal. Floor cleaning and/or preparations. Create non-slip surfaces.
Dexpan is a non-explosive demolition agent. Drill some holes, mix it up, pour and wait.
Micro-Blaster uses multiple small charges to create a resonant blast that blows apart larger rocks than individual small charges could accomplish.
Diamond Tools for Cutting Concrete, Asphalt, Etc.
Ductile Iron Cutting Systems - PowerGRIT
Ductile Iron Cutting
PowerGrit saw packages are available in gas or hydraulic power. Ideal for in-trench pipe cutting. Less excavation, increased safety.
Replacement PowerGRIT Diamond Chains are an economical and safe way to cut in ground utility pipes.
Power Solutions
Whether you need a generator for home, work, or play - CESSCO Inc can help you find the best gas generator for your need.
Single Phase, or Single/Three Phase generators are available up to 640kW
Hydraulic Power Options
Hydraulic Power
ICS Hydraulic Power Packs provide superior cooling allowing extended operations of hydraulic power tools and increased operator comfort.
Diamond Products Hydraulic Power Packs are available in gas, diesel, and three phase electric.
Lighting Solutions
The future of road side lighting. GlowBug systems meet requirements for glare-free lighting needs.
Single Phase, or Single/Three Phase generators are available up to 640kW
Portable and Towable Concrete Mixers. The Multiquip Whiteman & Essick brand mixers are ideal for small commercial and residential applications..
Portable and Towable Mortar Mixers. The Multiquip Whiteman & Essick brand mixers are ideal for small commercial and residential applications..
Water Pumps
Dewatering Equipment
Construction dewatering, unwatering, and water control are common terms used to describe removal or draining of groundwater or surface water from a river bed, construction site, caisson, or mine shaft by pumping or evaporation.
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